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Meet the Contras

rarescale has expanded its passion for low woodwind instruments and gone further; in June 2018 they launched their new trio of contrabass flute, contrabass clarinet and contrabssoon with the premiere of 20 new miniatures in London. Composers included Katrina Emtage, Samuel Messer, Devon Tipp, Hugo Vasco Reis, Claes Biehl, James Edge and Anna Matthews. We are continuing developing repertoire for these low instruments in a range of combinations, including in workshops for student composers (eg at Sheffield University). We would love to hear from any composers who are interested in exploring these wonderful instruments with us!

New Baroque

rarescale's Artistic Director, Carla Rees, has a passion for the baroque flute, and is currently researching the application of contemporary playing techniques to this instrument, as well as the use of baroque techniques in modern repertoire. Through collaborations with composers, she is finding a new voice for this instrument and discovering its potential for the C21st century. Concert programmes combine new commissions with baroque repertoire, including composers such as Lauren Redhead, Karen Power, Steven Laurence Frew, Nickos Harizanos, Oliver Iredale Searle and Bach, Telemann, Boismortier and Quantz. The next stage of this project will explore the instrument in a chamber music context, and incorporate harpsichord, guitar, string instruments and electronics.

Flute Plus

Planned for the 2020/21 season, Flute Plus is an exploration of the flute within different duo contexts from within rarescale's core instrumentation. Repertoire from across music history will be heard alongside new works, and we aim to bring the project to unusual venues around the UK.

QT Check

Developed by Jonathan Pitkin in conjunction with rarescale, this software enables composers to test fingering combinations for Kingma system flutes in order to ensure practical viability in performance. The software originated during the composition of Jonathan's work Multipolyphonies for alto flute and guitar, and was further tested through the recording of several new works for solo alto flute.

Developing new works for Kingma System Flutes

rarescale has an ongoing project to develop new repertoire for Kingma System Flutes from a wide range of composers. Please see the Kingma System pages for more information, and contact us if you would like to get involved!