Tetractys Publishing

The rarescale series - Tetractys Publishing
Works for alto and bass flute

Launching in August 2012, Tetractys Publishing is an independent company which specilaises in repertoire for low flutes.
10% of the proceeds of sales will be donated to rarescale to help fund performances and commissions.

Composers currently published by Tetractys include:
  • Shiva Feshareki
  • Andrew McBirnie
  • Adam Melvin
  • Michael Oliva
  • Carla Rees
  • David Bennett Thomas
  • Marc Tweedie

Tetractys also publishes a range of arrangements for alto and bass flute, ranging from solos to ensemble pieces, including music by:
  • JS Bach
  • Rimsky-Korsakov
  • Schubert
  • Victoria

New works are added to the catalogue each month, so check back for updates. See the Tetractys website for full details.